2016 National Owner Handler Series Finals: Best in Show


Many show dogs are taken through their paces at conformation shows by professional handlers, particularly at the national level. Dog shows are held nearly every weekend, in venues all around the country. This can be a lot of travel for owners who happen to have other things going on in their lives, so many dogs are turned over to professionals to help them become champions.

In this category, all of the handlers are the actual owners of the dogs, living with them day-in and day-out. This year-long event is culminating here at the National Championship, bringing the 7 group finalists into one ring to see who takes it all. Group winners competing tonight are:

Sporting Group: Viszla
Hound Group: Scottish Deerhound
Working Group: Samoyed
Terrier Group: Cairn Terrier
Toy Group: Brussels Griffon
Non-Sporting Group: Keeshond
Herding; Miniature American Shepherd

You gotta know I’m pulling for the Viszla! My Cooper would be so excited!

And the winner is…the Miniature American Shepherd, call sign Jimmy (named for Jimmy Fallon). He’s a beautiful blue merle.

Reserve Best in Show goes to: the Samoyed

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