2016 AKC National Championship: Bred by Exhibitor Best in Show

Maria, Best Bred by Exhibitor in Show.  Photo courtesy Canine Chronicle
Maria, Best Bred by Exhibitor in Show. Photo courtesy Canine Chronicle

Last night, we featured dogs who were shown by their owners. Tonight, we present the Best in Show competition for those dogs handled by their breeders. About 80% of show dogs are shown by their owners, while some are shown by professional handlers. Only a few are shown by the breeder (unless the breeder is also the owner).

I like that the AKC has chosen to feature both the BBE and the National Owner Handler Series; these aren’t things you ever see on TV.

The finalists are

From the Toy Group: Pekingese (These dogs always remind me of ET.)

From the Hound Group: Greyhound (Gia is the top-ranked hound in America.)

From the Non-Sporting Group: Standard Poodle (There’s a little pink bow hiding that beautiful black topknot.)

From the Sporting Group: Golden Retriever (Willis is named for actor Bruce Willis.)

From the Working Group: Portuguese Water Dog (I bet the Obamas are rooting for this one!)

From the Herding Group: German Shepherd (This breed is always shown in mid-crouch. I hate that – it looks so uncomfortable.)

From the Terrier Group: Scottish Terrier (Big Bopper, I presume in honor of the musician.) Breeder Rebecca Cross sang the National Anthem at the start of each night’s show. She has an awesome voice, as well as being a breeder of fine Scotties.

And the Best in Show is…the Standard Poodle

Winner Info: GCHG CH Hillwood Dassin Ouspenskaya, bred and owned by Ellen M Charles & Joseph Vergnetti. Shown by Mr. V. Call sign: Maria, A/K/A, the Queen of Fun!

Next Up: The Mighty Terriers!

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