Sleeping with Dogs

How cool would this be? I’d love to actually have room to turn over in my bed again. Wonder how long it takes to convince the dog it’s his space?

Sorry, it came to me on Facebook, so I don’t have the manufacturer, but I’ll try to find out.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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9 thoughts on “Sleeping with Dogs”

  1. This looks like a good repurposed furniture idea. I three drawer dresser with the top and first drawer removed would work. Check out the repurposed dressers into benches on Pinterest!

  2. Unfortunately, no. I haven’t had anyone step forward and say they built this. I’m about ready to take the picture to a contractor and have them custom-make one for me.

  3. Hi! Have you ever found out who the manufacturer is?? We have an English bulldog and it would be perfect for him!


  4. Trust me it works, but I bought my dog an actual twin bed(cheaper then a dog bed her size) and she no longer takes over mine.

  5. This looks like something L L Bean or Orvis would offer at an elevated price. I have no doubt that it would not take much to get a dog to accept the new bed; the trick would be in DIScouraging the idea that it is an easier way to claim your bed.
    I would not be in favor of this–my old beagle SNORES! I can perceive a problem arising getting to sleep with her that close to me … she’s already got that floor space for her exclusive use. ( It would prevent me from falling out of bed on top of poor ol’ Brittany –a thing I have done about six times!)

  6. I love it, that would be so much fun!! I agree it would be fun to get your bed back!!

  7. I love it. I love the steps and the idea of having my bed back. My dog would probably want the bed and leave me to sleep in the extension.

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