How much would you pay to rescue a maimed dog?

Here in the US, you might expect to pay north of $200 to adopt a dog from a rescue organization. Usually the dog is in pretty reasonable health. Turns out, in Afghanistan the price is much lower.

When Army Sgt. Nick B. came across a skinny Shepherd mix puppy tied up and covered in mud, he quickly noticed that the dog’s ears and part of his tail had been cruelly hacked away. The “people” who were with the dog weren’t so sure they were done tormenting him, so they originally didn’t want to give him to Nick.

Luckily, the resourceful sergeant was able to work out a trade – his cigarettes for their dog. Nick named the dog Bodhi and brought him back to camp, where he quickly became the mascot of the entire unit. Beef jerky quickly became a special favorite treat for the dog.

When it was time for Sgt. Nick to come home, he hooked up with The Puppy Rescue Mission, which helped him bring Bodhi to America,, where man and dog were recently reunited in Pensacola, FL.

Sergeant Nick – thanks for your service to our country, and for giving Bodhi such a good home. You are a true hero and a gentleman!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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2 thoughts on “How much would you pay to rescue a maimed dog?”

  1. Bodhi’s sadness is still to be seen on his face, but now surrounded with the love
    of his owner & his family, one can only hope that in time, the pain of the past will soon be forgotten.

  2. Dogs should not be treated that way anywhere in the world. Every time i read a story of abuse to a dog or puppy i cry like a lil kid. I am 54 years old, but it hurts my heart to read or see any thing like this. Thank you Nick for saving that poor puppies life. To bad you didnt cut the the ears off those low life human beings.

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