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Help Reunite Meeka and Sergeant E.

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From the good folks at Stewardship Report: When Sergeant E. found a neglected dog on her Army base, she began including the dog on her morning runs and feeding him. They formed a bond, as one does with an animal, particularly when one is stationed overseas.

The problem arose when Sgt. E. was shipped home unexpectedly, unable to bring with her the dog she had named Meeka. Devastated, the dog went into hiding. Fortunately, her fellow soldiers were able to entice the dog out of hiding and put him in a pen for safekeeping until Sgt. E. could find a way to bring Meeka to the States.

Enter Paws of War, an organization dedicated to doing just this sort of work. Paws of War rescues dogs, provides them with proper training, and then pairs them with veterans who need service animals, all free of charge. They also help soldiers bring their dog back to America after serving in the Middle East.

But they can’t do this important work without your help. Donate here.

Learn more about Paws of War and its mission.

Please help if you can.

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Rescued Dog Gives Birth to Healthy Puppies

Just 100 hours after Nina was rescued from her life as a stray where she had been hit by a car, she gave birth to four healthy puppies! Warning: this video is not for the feint of heart!

Nina – a stray dog that was hit by a car; giving birth exactly 100 hours after her rescue off the streets. from Eldad Hagar on Vimeo.

Yet another successful rescue by Hope for Paws.

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