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Rescue of Mama and Her Babies From Beneath Fresno Building

All together now: “Awwwww” Your daily dose of cute, thanks to Fresno’s bravest and NBC.

Two adult female dogs fell down the air conditioning shaft below an abandoned building several days ago. One of the dogs ended up giving birth to three puppies before someone noticed the dogs and contacted the fire department for rescue assistance. Continue reading Rescue of Mama and Her Babies From Beneath Fresno Building

Must be a FOUR LEAF Clover

Photo:  Kevin R. Wexler / NorthJersey.com
Photo: Kevin R. Wexler / NorthJersey.com
When hikers found this mess of a dog on a cliff behind Lambert Castle at Garrett Mountain Park in northern New Jersey, they never dreamed it would take more than 20 people and over 3 hours to get her down. She was subsequently named Clover, and she apparently does have the luck of the Irish.
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Rescued Dog Gives Birth to Healthy Puppies

Just 100 hours after Nina was rescued from her life as a stray where she had been hit by a car, she gave birth to four healthy puppies! Warning: this video is not for the feint of heart!

Nina – a stray dog that was hit by a car; giving birth exactly 100 hours after her rescue off the streets. from Eldad Hagar on Vimeo.

Yet another successful rescue by Hope for Paws.

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One Loyal Dog!

Dominic Genetti / Courier Post
When truck driver Michael Siau left the rest stop in Hannibal, MO, he had no idea his dog had jumped out the window of the truck cab to check out the place for himself. When Siau looked to the back seat to check on Rambo (the perfect name for a tiny 9-month old Yorkie!), he discovered he was gone. Unfortunately, this took place 170 miles later, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
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