Wednesday’s Wild Wacky News from the Dog World: An Abandoned Dog…And a Dog Rescue

Two stories from the news caught my attention over the past few weeks.  First, a Siberian Husky mix was left outdoors to fend for himself during Hurricane Irene.  Can you imagine?  It gets worse.  Read on.

The picture above was posted on many Internet sites, as people became horrified that anyone would leave a dog outdoors when they evacuated due to an impending hurricane.  Most of the sites encouraged readers to call city officials in Greenville, SC to ask them to PLEASE rescue the dog.  Their response?  Here’s what they posted on their Facebook page:

“If someone tells you about a dog who is being abused by being in the rain and Greenville is doing nothing about it, please let them know that animal control has checked on them three times. The dog is fine. It has food, water, and a dry dog house. He just chooses to sleep on top of the dog house.”

Finally, after FIVE visits to check on the dog, they removed him from his crate and took him to Two Loons Dog Rescue.  No word on whether or not he will be put up for adoption.  Here’s the most up-to-date info I could find – from the LA Examiner (why LA?) and from Two Loons FB page.

Now, onto the story that restores my faith.  In New Castle, PA, a factory which had recently burned down was being demolished.  The construction crew (do they still call them that if they are doing demo work?) noticed a Pit Bull hanging around the site, but didn’t think a whole lot about it at first.  The dog, although scared, started coming closer and closer to the workers, until finally they realized she was pulling a Lassie – trying to get their attention.

One of the workers followed the dog to a nearby storm sewer, where five of her puppies had fallen.  Firefighters were called to the scene and spent hours to get the puppies out.  The five fallen puppies, along with their five siblings and their mama have all been adopted, including one by a firefighter who helped in the rescue.  Here’s the original story from the Associated Press.

Thank goodness there are still people in the world who care!

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wild Wacky News from the Dog World: An Abandoned Dog…And a Dog Rescue”

  1. That’s heartening news about the mama with her puppies – three cheers for the
    construction worker who took an interest in the dog’s predicament, and again
    three cheers for the firemen who rescued her babies. It brings back faith in
    humanity. That story more than makes up for the other sad one. One hopes that
    the husky’s well.

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