Shelter Sunday: Utah / Idaho Vizsla Rescue ~ Boise, ID

Meet Ann! Ann is mostly Redbone Coonhound, but the rescue thinks she may have some Vizsla in her as well. This beautiful active dog is being sheltered by the Utah / Idaho Vizsla Rescue in a home full of dogs, and it looks from the video like she loves it! Here’s what their website has to say about her.

Nov 2012: Ann is a 2-yr old redbone coonhound 50-lbs, dews on and natural tail. There might be some vizsla in there too because she is more people oriented than the typical redbone but we’ll never know for sure. She is not quite as needy as a vizsla but loves to sleep in the bed or snuggle in your lap. Ann plays well with dogs of all sizes and is good with cats. She can clear a 6-ft fence if left unattended but has not offered to jump the fence in her foster home. We always recommend keeping any dog inside when you’re gone anyway for their safety and peace in the neighborhood. Ann is a happy girl who expects never to meet a stranger, loves car rides and is looking for a home where she can snuggle in bed with you when not out enjoying the great outdoors. More photos and video here! (Ann is in Boise ID.)

Nov 28 update: Ann is quiet in a crate when if you put a blanket over the front but I have left her loose in the house for longer and longer periods with nothing chewed or any other crime. She is super comfy on the couch next to you. She is very agile, she loves to leap over the flower pot in the corner of my back porch to get to the yard, instead of going around. She comes in from the back yard as soon as you call her. On a hike (with her on leash) she will bay at any other dog we come near and I think she just wants to go visit so bad she can hardly stand it. She will bay in the house watching squirrels out the window. She does make some noise when I leave the house without her but not for very long. She is hilarious and will attract attention wherever you take her! She does put her feet on the counter and did pull one item off already but listens well when told not to. She doesn’t really jump up on you except for this cute backward jump thing where she jumps up and puts her back against you quickly, like she’s been taught not to put her feet on you or something.
If you’re going to be near Boise, why not contact the Utah / Idaho Vizsla Rescue and ask to meet Ann and all of her friends. Call Penny at 208.343.6620 or 208.859.5698, send an e-mail to [email protected] or fill out an online adoption application.

If you’re somewhere else, check out the newly redesigned PetFinder Shelter Center to locate adoptable dogs near you.

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