A Dog is a Lifelong Commitment!

I really just don’t get how you can move out of a home and leave your dog behind, but it’s happened again, this time in Lorain (near Cleveland), Ohio.

When water department employee Robert Babics was clearing out equipment from a home slated for demolition, he heard a dog barking and growling inside the home. He punched a hole in a closet door so he could observe the dog before letting him out of the closet.

What he found was a skinny bulldog-Pug mix cowering in the back corner of a dark, unventilated small closet. Lorain police helped him get the dog out, and animal control now has possession of the animal. The dog is not yet shown on their website or Facebook page.

Read the whole story in the Morning Journal News.

So sad!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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