A new take on dog adoption

We’ve all heard about people adopting dogs, but take a look at this story from Ghana.

It seems this newborn baby was abandoned by his “parents” under a bridge in Winkongo. At a nearby farm, a family became concerned when their dog didn’t return for the evening. A search party sent out to search for the DOG (as opposed to the baby), discovered the dog curled up around the baby, keeping him warm and safe.

The dog, being hailed as “Hairy Poppins” (too cute!), was returned to the farm, and the baby is in the hands of their version of Children’s Services after receiving treatment for an infection around his umbilical cord. All is well.

(OK, I know this story is about the dog, and the picture of the baby is cute, but look how beautiful the blankets are that the baby is swaddled in! I want some of those.)

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Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “A new take on dog adoption”

  1. A similar incident happened in Argentina when a mother dog fetched an abandoned newly-born baby and placed it beside her own pups to keep it warm. The dog’s owner heard a baby crying in the early morning, and found it cuddled to the dog and its pups. The Chief of Police at a press interview called the mother dog, a heroine!

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