Once again: real men are kind to animals

Stock photo - This is NOT Lola
Lola, a four-and-a-half pound, five year old Poodle, was recently taken to a vet’s office in New York City, where she died. A necropsy revealed blunt trauma to her face. Wanna guess how she was killed?

That’s right, her owner punched her in the face because he was mad at her. Can you imagine?

The New York Post is reporting that Ted Shuttleworth, a 51-year old, 230-pound man slugged the dog in the face. Shuttleworth, who once wrote for NYPD Blue, apparently didn’t realize that real-life violence doesn’t lack consequences the way it does on TV. Poor Lola was unable to stand up when the director called “cut”.

RIP Lola. I have to believe you are in a happier place now.

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Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Once again: real men are kind to animals”

  1. This bully is doubtless of the same dangerous type that beats up wife and children – or anyone, for that matter, who irks him. By the size of the victim, a mini-poodle, it’s obvious that the tinier the target of violence, the bigger the aggressor’s ego. One can only hope, he doesn’t get away with just a rap on the fingers.

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