SPCA International Fundraising Scandal

According to CNN, very little of the money given to SPCA International is actually going to help animals in need.

The organization’s tax forms are available on charity watchdog GuideStar (if you register for free). They show that SPCA International had revenues of a little over $14 million in 2010.

Of this, about $60,000 was given out in grants to other organizations, and about $5.5 million was used to buy and ship animal medical supplies. Salaries, benefits, and payroll taxes cost $329,000; professional services like lawyers and accountants ate up $318,000; office expenses were $70,000; and travel expenses totaled $255,000. A whopping $9 million was spent on marketing.

As a rule of thumb, most A-list charities spend no more than 15% of their income on overhead and administrative expenses, leaving 85% for direct care of their clients. On income of $14 million, this would mean that no more than $2.1 million would be spent on administration and overheads. Although it is well recognized that you have to spend money to get people to donate, spending $9 million on marketing seems excessive.

In previous posts on this blog, I have recommended you donate to (or at least be aware of) an organization known as Baghdad Pups, which was assisting in the transport of dogs from war zones to the US. This organization is part of SPCA International, and it turns out that Baghdad Pups’ spokesperson Terri Crisp misrepresented the organization to raise funds, and has a reputation for doing the same thing with other organizations in the past, as reported on Anderson Cooper’s show in the video above.

None of which is to say that local SPCA organizations aren’t doing good works. However, it would seem that the international organization isn’t really helping the cause. Before you donate, check out your local SPCA or other shelters on GuideStar to make sure your money is going where you intended it to.

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4 thoughts on “SPCA International Fundraising Scandal”

  1. I am so disappointed. I have donations automatic out of my account monthly now I’m wondering if any of it is being put to good use? I may change my donation to a direct rescue group. So, so disappointed in this turn of events.
    Laws need to put into effect for these issues with these types of organizations.
    The bigger you get, the more greed takes over. Such a same.

  2. Just got another request from SPCA International even with a Dollar bill enclosed. Shocked tor read that so little of the donations are actually used to help the animals for which people donate. No wonder there are so many animal organizations around asking for help. Most pay huge salaries and do not help the animals. There should be a law prohibiting $100,000 or more in salaries while the poor animals suffer.
    Klaus von Hagen, Morgan Hill, California.

  3. God, I’m so disappointed. I donate to them all the time for Operation Baghdad Pups. I saw photos of the dogs, cats and donkey they rescued. Is it ALL a scam?
    Please don’t break my heart.

  4. I just read “No Buddy Left Behind,” and I thought Terri Crisp was a wonderful person,but after Anderson Cooper’s report I’ve lost faith in her.

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