They Can’t All Be Saved

I’m sad to report a devastating ending to Lucky’s struggle. This beautiful 10-year old Husky had been found in a back yard in Hiram (near Akron / Kent) lying in her own filth, covered in open sores, very thin, and gasping for air. She was taken to the Portage Animal Protective League, and as late as Friday was starting to do well.

Chalan Lowry, the League’s executive director reported that she was walking by herself. But by Monday, Lucky had just given up. She had lost more weight and was clearly suffering. Lowry says, “We are happy she spent these last 9 days eating, enjoying attention and love from the staff and veterinarians, and most importantly she was no longer lying in her own filth in a backyard waiting to die.”

You fought the good fight, Lucky. RIP.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “They Can’t All Be Saved”

  1. And these are actually “human beings” who do this, or shouldn’t the “owner” be in a psychiatric ward?

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