Tuesday Top Ten: Reasons to Take Your Dog to Work

Courtesy USA Today
This Friday is National Take Your Dog to Work Day. Why should you participate? Here’s our top ten reasons!

10. Everything’s better with a little dog slobber on it.
9. Even the worst day at work with your dog is better than the best day without your dog.
8. Maybe the boss will stay out of your office if your dog looks at him even a little bit grimly.
7. Many offices are too cold. Your dog provides an instant footwarmer.
6. Dogs are a great ice breaker. You might be able to start a conversation with the office wallflower with your dog by your side.
5. Dogs can be a deterrent to crime, if your place of employment is in a high crime area.
4. Store owners who take their dogs to work report an increase in sales.
3. Happy workers are more productive, and most dog people are happiest when their dogs are around.
2. Dogs are natural stress relievers.
1. The original purpose behind Take Your Dog to Work Day: introduce non-dog people to the joys of having a pet, which may increase the number of dogs adopted!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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