Do I do right by my dogs?

Daisy and LucyI certainly am one of the most loving of all dog owners.  I have two dogs, both from the local Humane Society, your basic mutts.  I pay more attention to them then just about anything in my house.

I pet them, play with them, talk, sing to, treat, and look after them as best I can.  Yes, my dogs are happy dogs.  When I come home, even from a short trip to the store, it’s a huge delight for them.  Their tails wag like crazy and I get the warmest, happiest welcomes.

But here’s where I fail them.

I don’t walk them often enough.  Most of us have careers, long work hours, duties at home, etc., sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  I don’t think once or twice a week cuts it.  I have to be more diligent and more responsible to THEM.

Today it was enough of excuses, I got out the leads and off we went.  They sure were happy to go, and when we got back, both of them curled up for a snooze.  I’m promising myself and my dogs, to get out there with them more often!!!!!


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5 thoughts on “Do I do right by my dogs?”

  1. you’re right! I have a large yard also, and my dogs do play together, but it just isn’t the SAME if you don’t walk them. Walking is dedicated movement, and the truth is dogs don’t run and exercise the same by themselves!!!! You have to participate! My beagle mix has put on far too much weight and she’s pooped out after a couple blocks… she’s getting better fast, the walks are doing both of us good! After a long day at work I’m finding the walking more relaxing than ever!!!!!

  2. I used to think that my beagle got plenty of exercise because I have a very large yard & as long as the weather wasn’t too bad I would always let him have plenty of “playtime” out there. About 2 years ago my Vet commented that he was putting on too much weight & that he needed more exercise. The very next day I started taking him for daily walks. At first he would “poop out” after just 3 or 4 blocks but eventually he could walk for an hour or more. The result is that we have both taken off some weight & speaking for myself, I feel a lot more energized than I used to. I am retired so I’m fortunate to have the time to do this everyday but for those working Mom’s & Dad’s even if you could squeeze in 20 minutes before or after dinner you’ll be amazed at the results!!

  3. Most dogs (inclluding yours, I’m sure) are too nice to insist on being walked on a regular basis. They know about your busy schedule, arthritic knees and need for couch time. But being nice to my fellow canines, I say, “Shame on you! Bad human…bad human…bad human!! If I were there, I’d be tempted to give you a good swat with a rolled up newspaper.

    Dogs need to be walked for exercise, just like humans, and for all the same healthful reasons. But how would you like to have no access to the news of your world other than what transpires in your own home? No communication with neighbors or colleagues at work? No newspaper, radio or TV (even if the only “news” you watch is “Entertainment Tonight” and the only paper you read is “The Inquirer”!)

    Don’t you realize that we dogs sniff out the news. For example, on my most recent walk through the neighborhood I learned that the Wheaton Terrier two doors down has a bladder infection. It’s getting better. I know that the large black and brown mixed breed in the cul-de-sac recently gave birth to her second litter (six pups–three of each gender.) Mother and pups are fine. Also, I know that old man Phil up at the corner two-story has a gastro intestinal malady. It’s getting worse. Bill and Sue have a mole cricket infestation in their lawn, and Sam got a new set of Goodyears on his 4-runner. The Martin twins (must be about eight, now) are into fall soccer. Saul and Juliet are having marital problems again, and I’m pretty sure it’s Saul who is messing around.

    If you don’t establish a regular routine for walking your “precious” pet please ceace calling him or her precious in my presence or on this blog.

    No offense, of course, but look for other opinions of mine on See, for example, “Walking Boomer.”

  4. If it is within your budget perhaps you could hire a dog walker…. there are professionals out there that make a living at it, or, perhaps a teenager from your local high school or family friend…. I sympathize with you, I have anklosing spondylitis (arthritis) in both my hips and I have my bad days.

    My dogs get antsy when i miss their walks, and I settle them down with treats, but I do know that is the wrong way to go. Today my efforts paid off and I walked them long, they are both a peace today 🙂 Paul

  5. I WISH I had the physical capacity to walk Brittany as much as I believe she would like. She is SO good and patient with me. Once in a rare while she develops a “bull neck” about something she has up her nose–I try to indulge her as much as I can, which is no more than 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and again 12 hours later at night. And I am S L O W ! There are no dog parks up here and enough dog haters that insist on the ordinance of all dogs leashed or carried at all times. Bending over to retrieve her “deposits” gets me huffing and puffing–I am in danger of “tipping over”. But I recognize that–no matter how much it may hurt my aching knees–it is something I need to do for myself as well as her.
    She has become more assertive about letting me know she needs to go out. I just need to be more attentive to her signals.

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