Boomer the Golden Retriever Now Home Following Washington Mudslides

Photo courtesy Arlington Veterinary Hospital
Photo courtesy Arlington Veterinary Hospital
What a sweet dog! Boomer, a 15-year old Golden Retriever, had been given away to his owner’s sister when the owner moved to Oso, Washington. The original owner was lost in the mudslide, and many believe Boomer went looking for him.

King5 in Seattle is reporting that Boomer was found by neighbors who were looking for their own dog in the debris field created by the mudslides, 12 days after the disaster. He had escaped from the sister’s home three miles away and had apparently spent several days searching the debris for his previous owner.

Searchers originally thought the dog had survived the disaster, but even when they found out he had wandered in after the mudslides ended, Boomer boosted their spirits during a very grim job.

One of the EMTs on site was able to transport Boomer to Arlington Veterinary Hospital, where he was treated. Vet Tech Kellie Bartlett stated that the dog likely wouldn’t have lasted much longer. He was already arthritic, and spending several days in the cold, traveling uneven ground probably didn’t help much.

The vet removed a large growth from one of Boomer’s feet, and they were able to find the sister. Vet Tech Bartlett says Boomer wagged his tail enthusiastically when he saw his owner. “When Boomer saw his owner, he was wagging his tail. It’s a happy ending for someone who’s lost a lot.”

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