Dog Product Review: Skineez Pet Toys

Have you ever come home and found a snowstorm in your living room?  If so, you know what a pain in the tuckus it can be to clean up after your dogs have destroyed a typical stuffed animal.  SPOT Pet Products has found a solution, and they sent me a couple of samples to try out.

Here’s what their promotional material says:  SPOT Pet Products are showing their stuff by getting rid of the stuff(ing) in their new line of dog toys, called Skinneeez.  These unique toys are modeled after real-life critters dogs love to chase in their own backyards, and reflect the trend toward floppy dog toys that feel more like real prey than other overstuffed, stiff soft-sculpture toys.  And, unlike these other toys, Skinneeez toys don’t have polyester fiberfill to fill out their bodies, which adds to the realistic feel and prevents the mess fiberfill can leave behind when a dog rips into the toy and pulls out little bits of fluff.  The lack of stuffing means there’s extra room for not one but TWO squeakers in Skinneeez Dog Toys – one in the head and another in the tail!  What dog wouldn’t love that?

Here’s what I found:  The products I received as samples were a pink flamingo and a meercat.  They were both very cute, and they did, indeed have two squeakers inside.  My dogs loved playing with them, as they love anything that has a squeaker.  However, the squeaker is what makes them want to play, because they just HAVE to rip the squeaker out and destroy it.  The Skineez toys lasted about 2 hours before they were destroyed.  They did serve their stated purpose of making it easier to clean up, as there was no snowstorm of fluff to vacuum up.  It was a very quick clean-up because it was just the body of the toy, and a few pieces of the plastic squeaker.  If your dogs don’t have this squeaker fetish, Skineez would be a great toy for them.  For my dogs, however, I would need something with a tougher hide so it lasted longer.  They also make Skineez toys for cats, which I’m thinking would last longer – I’ve never seen my cats decapitate a toy to pull out what’s inside!

Skineez toys are available at many major retailers.  Prices start around $10 online.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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4 thoughts on “Dog Product Review: Skineez Pet Toys”

  1. Needless to say,I am way behind on my email reading BUT that being said,my E. setter would also have these destroyed in a short period of time so I probably would not spend the money on one.

  2. I have one skineez cat toy and would like to purchase more….do you know where I can find them in seacoast nh

    Thank you

  3. These are the only plush toys I’ll buy for my dogs. I don’t have to worry about the stuffing any longer. Our Miniature Dachshund still tries to get the squeakers out but, that’s okay. He plays tug-o-war with both of my labs.

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