Tuesday Top Ten: Ideas for Keeping Your Dog Occupied While You’re Away

We all wish we could keep our dogs with us 24 hours a day, but most of us work for bosses who insist we come to work to actually get something done other than playing with our best friends.  So, how can you keep your dog entertained while you’re gone?  Please note, for some of these, the entertainment value continues even after you get home.

10.  Leave the bathroom door open so your dog can unwind all the toilet paper and shred it.

9.  Install a doggie door that lets out into a fenced area where the dog can play.  Some doors are now made with a magnet lock that releases only when triggered by a chip in your pet’s collar to prevent break-ins.

8.  Put your child’s noisiest stuffed squeaky animal within reach so the dog can rip out the squeaker and leave a snowstorm of fiberfill behind.

7.  Leave the stereo or TV on.

6.  Put a miniscule drop of peanut butter in a paper bag.  Fill the bag with anything.  See how many pieces are scattered around your house while your dog tried to find the peanut butter.

5.  Provide lots of toys and bones.

4.  Get the dog a playmate – another dog works best, but a cat or even a parrot might do in a pinch.

3.  Go home on your lunch hour to walk the dog.

2.  Have a friend or neighbor visit the dog at least once a day.

1. Kong Wobbler.  Fill it with treats that are just slightly bigger than the opening.  Your dog will spend all day trying to get every last treat out of it.

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Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten: Ideas for Keeping Your Dog Occupied While You’re Away”

  1. I got a Kong Wobbler for Brittany–who plays with NOTHING–and it apparently worked! So well that I couldn’t find it. Had my daughter rescue it from under the couch–empty, of course! Re-filled it and left her with the wobbler for several hours–can’t find it at all! Which means she chased it around the apartment until it “disappeared.” As I am unable to get down on my knees, I should probably get a couple more to use until the first is found.

  2. I take the stuff toy that Schooner has taken out all of the stuffing and fill it with balls, squeaky toys and I put in some Blue Dog Bakery doggie paws treat inside. We put the big stuffed toy out on the floor when we leave. Schooner has so much fun getting all the stuff out and eating the great doggie paws treats. Not sure how long it takes him but he doesn’t chew anything up while we are gone. When I want Schooner to be good when company comes we get out the unstuffed toy and stuff it and of course have his favorite Blue Dog Bakery doggie paws which keep him busy.

  3. My dog loves to chase around crumpled up paper on the tile floor. I usually leave a couple crumbled up papers when I leave for work and when I get back they are no where to be found!

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