Special Friday Survey: Penalties for Dogs Left in Hot Cars

Weigh in on Toronto’s CP24 poll on whether or not the penalty for people who leave animals in hot cars ought to be higher.

It’s nice to see that so far, opinion is 89% in the yes column.

I’m also amazed that on a day when Toronto’s headlines included “McGuinty defends budget ahead of Liberal meeting”, “Teenager stabbed in city’s west end”,
“Body found in garbage bin outside Barrie apartment”, and “Canada’s inflation rate drops 1.2 per cent”, the story of Parker’s torment and subsequent exploits made front page news.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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One thought on “Special Friday Survey: Penalties for Dogs Left in Hot Cars”

  1. Animal trials and tribulations are also comparable to those of humans – and not less tragic.
    It’s to the credit of Toronto’s dailies that they call the public’s attention to both problems.

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