Shelter Sunday: Cupid’s Valentine Miracle

Photo:  Ernest Doroszuk / Toronto Sun
Photo: Ernest Doroszuk / Toronto Sun

A little different take on our normal Shelter Sunday feature.

The Toronto Sun is reporting on Cupid, a Great Pyrenees-mix puppy found abandoned in the garbage. Cupid was born without front paws, but has now been fitted with prosthetics by Janice Olynich at Pawsability in Leaside.

Joan Znidarec, with Dog Rescuers in Oakville, knew when Cupid was brought to her that Pawsability was the place to go, and she knew Cupid would do well with a little help from friends. “Dogs really roll with things,” she said. “They’re far more adaptable than we realize.”

Cupid will have to undergo therapy to strengthen the muscles in his back, belly, and shoulders, and he’s working on just grasping the concept of walking, rather than scooting along on his belly as he had been doing.

Contributions for Cupid’s care may be made through Dog Rescuers, who will also have him available for adoption.

You can see all the photos of Cupid on the Sun’s website.

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