Dog Owner Jailed Over Savage Attacks

On a tip from friend-of-the-blog Robert Worrall, I present this article from Key 103 in the UK about a dog owner who was sent to jail for a year after his dogs attacked ten people.

Spencer Brown, 22-years old and an unemployed father of one, pled guilty to owning dogs who were dangerously out of control while in public. The dogs, name Tilly and Freak, were both Staffordshire Bull Terrier mixes. They escaped from their home on July 22nd and attacked several people while roaming around the area. In addition to the primary victims, passers-by who tried to help the injured were also attacked. The dogs were eventually subdued by police officers, aided by a civilian.

In a previous instance, another man had been injured by the same dogs during a confrontation with Mr. Brown. The dogs will most likely be destroyed as the facility holding them reports that they remain aggressive.

After Brown pled guilty, the judge commented that the offenses were “grave and quite horrific”, leaving the victims “savagely mauled”. Using newly-approved sentencing guidelines, the judge sent Brown to jail for 12 months on the 10 counts. Brown has eight previous convictions for possession of cannabis, theft, and shoplifting.

So, what do you think of this as a method of controlling aggressive dogs? Check back Saturday for a survey on this topic.

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2 thoughts on “Dog Owner Jailed Over Savage Attacks”

  1. never a bad dog its a bad owner .if they are loved and brought up properly these staffy are very loveable dogs .

  2. Within the last month or so in our area,a pitbull “escaped” and mauled a little girl.
    There had been prior reports of this dog as well as another running loose. The owner said people were just trying to get him and his dogs in trouble. Somehow, apparently it wasn’t his fault! Go figure. Can’t remember the outcome of the story.
    The little girl will be okay eventually.

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