Saturday Survey: Dealing with Aggressive Dogs

We’ve talked a lot about not punishing a dog for being aggressive if the dog is taught to be that way by his or her owner. During this past week, we published a post about a man who received a 1-year prison sentence after his dogs attacked ten people. Is this the right way to deal with the problem?

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Dealing with Aggressive Dogs”

  1. I don’t think it is too harsh considering the amount of damage a dog can inflict. Certainly a fine may be suitable in some cases but in this case I doubt he would pay a fine. previously people in the UK got banded from owning animals, which was not policed and people carried on as before. At least with the prison sentence he can not avoid paying a fine or ignoring a ban.

  2. I think that if it is the first time that the dog has attacked someone the owner should only be held responsible for medical costs. However if there is a second incident then there needs to be some punishment (either financial or imprisonment or both) since the owner was aware that the dog has already demonstrated an aggressive nature.

  3. A prison term even if for just a year does seem drastic, for a first-time offender.
    Probably a substantial payment would be a stronger deterrent, as it hurts the pocket.

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