Does Your Dog Have a Last Will & Testament

It would never even occur to me to write a will for my dog, but this is truly a sweet sentiment.

Before humans die, they write their Last Will & Testament, giving their home and all they have to those they leave behind. If I could do the same, this is what I’d ask…

To a poor and lonely stray I’d give:

My happy home
My bowl and cozy bed, soft pillows and all my toys.
The lap, which I loved so much.
The hand that stroked my fur and the sweet voice which spoke my name.

I’d will to the sad, scared shelter dog the place I had in my human’s loving heart, of which there seemed no bounds.

So when I die, please do not say, “I will never have a pet again, for the loss and pain is more than I can stand.”

Instead, go find an unloved dog, one whose life has held no joy or hope and give MY place to him.

This is the only thing I can give…the love I left behind.

~ Author Unknown

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Does Your Dog Have a Last Will & Testament”

  1. I had to put my Shyanne to sleep a few months back and I still miss her every day when I open the door and she isn’t there to greet me. I was lucky that I had her for 15 years so I can’t complain but I do wish she was still here with me.

  2. This resonates most strongly with me since I just lost my beautiful, grumpy Brittany just last Tuesday. I am extremely anxious to find another older lady Beagle to continue the love and joy I did experience with her. The lack of her gentle presence is palpable and painful. My daughters counsel caution–that it is too soon to start with another dog. I can’t wait to continue the happiness I lived with for five short years. Alas, there are NO beagles to rescue in northern Minnesota!

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