Saturday Survey: Should dogs be included in domestic violence orders of protection?

I posted this week that Massachusetts recently passed a law that included pets in the protection orders issued to domestic violence victims. What do you think of this practice?

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Survey: Should dogs be included in domestic violence orders of protection?”

  1. Fortunately, this question was raised and answered by my ex-husband behavior when I was gone for a week in Puerto Vallata (sp?). He failed to take our old lady beagle, Brittany OUT, much less feed and water here. My assistant Manager be came aware of this after three 1/2 days and rescued her. It was the final straw for me–move out, take the dog and dump the drunk, It took almost six months to bring it all to fruition … so here I am in Ely.
    Brittany was “put down” on September 4th–advanced liver cancer–by October 14th, I gained custody of a rescued beagle girl, Holly. She came from southern Missouri and to me via MARS (Midwest Animal Rescue Services) Now that Holly has adjusted to snow, she is JOY on four legs!!

  2. Hello,

    You have made a mistake on the Afghan hound page.
    Afghans do not shed in spring or summer: or ever.
    I own one .


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