Antifreeze Poisoning

CBS News in Pittsburgh is reporting on two dogs who were apparently poisoned with antifreeze. Both dogs are being treated at Woodlands Animal Care Center in Farmington. The vets there say it will be at least three days before they will know if the dogs can survive the attack.

When the family came home, they found the dogs lethargic and vomit everywhere. Authorities say they have also found a dead cat in the neighborhood, and an investigation is underway to determine if the cases are related and whether or not the poisonings were intentional.

Take heed! As you clean up your garage and storage shed this spring, take a few extra minutes to make sure the antifreeze and other poisons (including windshield washer fluid) are put up where your dog can’t get to them.

Meanwhile, Lola and Sissy are fighting for their lives and running up quite a vet bill, and Woodlands Animal Care Center is accepting donations. Their contact information is below:

Woodlands Animal Care Center
3953 National Pike
Farmington, PA 15437
Tel: 724.329.2VET (2838)
Fax: 724.329.2026

General questions or information:
Email us at: [email protected]

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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