Could your dog find the emergency room?

leg castI had always heard that German Shepherds were smart, but I’m not sure very many dogs could accomplish this!

From Farmington, New Mexico:

A German Shepherd mix walks into a bar….no wait, that’s the wrong joke.

Seriously, the doors of the Farmington San Juan Regional Medical Center’s emergency room opened with a swoosh and in walked a patient with a puncture wound caused by a dog bite on his leg. 

No, the dog wasn’t bringing his master to the ER, he was bringing himself  in for treatment.  Hospital workers called animal control, and the dog was returned to his home, apparently only slightly injured.

I’m thinking the other patients must have gotten a kick out of seeing this dog walk in by himself.  Maybe this is Obama’s new health care plan?

Wonder if he took a taxi or drove himself?

Everyone sing along:  “Toonces, the driving cat…”  (If you know what I’m talking about – you must be old like me!)

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!

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3 thoughts on “Could your dog find the emergency room?”

  1. Betsy and Norman might be able to find the Animal ER room…it is so close to our house we walk by in on walks. Actually, I should explain that in our little town the regular vet is the emergency room. If you have an animal emergency you call and they are there the same time that you arrive! Talk about service!

  2. Regarding Collier Ranch Yorkies. Their add says they are the most ethical??? This is NOT true. They snockered me good. I purchased a Yorkie for breeding purposes from them. Was told that I would get the AKC liter registration in the mail in a few days. Ok I bit. DUMB mistake. No AKC for over a year and only then after many phone calls. When I recieved the papers and tried to register my pup, that’s when I find out that the is questionable bloodlines on the parents of this pup. YES both the parents. Finally a few more months and I get papers from AKC stateing that the bloodlines cannot be proven nor disproven but that they will give me Conditional certicate stating AKC. Will ok now we have a litter of pups and want to sell them. AKC allows me to register them and I do and sell the pups. Told all customers that mother has Conditional Certificate. All ok with that. Now another couple months down the road I get a letter from AKC stating that the Sire to my female pup is NOT the sire registered. OK THEN one has to start to ask JUST HOW ETHICAL IS COLLIER RANCH???? She rarely returns phone calls. You just have to catch her on the phone which is also rare. They are a far cry from ETHICAL!!!!

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