24-inch dogs: Westminster Agility

Took this off the TV because there's no breed picture for an All American dog!
Took this off the TV because there’s no breed picture for an All American dog!

Last class of dogs for this evening.

Stormy / Golden Retriever: Running a little slowly, and refused a jump, but wanted to make a victory lap for the crowd, nonetheless. Got back in the game and finished most of the course, albeit slowly. I think it’s time for a nap!

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Joy / Smooth Collie: Very fast out of the gate. Nice clean run – not the fastest ever, but very clean until she went into the wrong side of the tunnel. Other than that, very nice.

Tavari / Rhodesian Ridgeback. Almost thought it was a Vizsla for a minute. Apparently, Cooper thinks so too – he’s glued to the TV. Going slowly, carefully – thought he was going to take a nap there in the collapsed tunnel for a minute. Moseying through the weave poles – oooh they smell good! Finishes strong with a very clean run! Now they’re showing his BIG yawn before he started

Puppy Love / Belgian Malinois: Slow and steady, but refused a jump. Nice, easy run otherwise.

Storm / Weimeraner: Running faster than the others, but had a bit of hesitation at the start. Excellent on the weave poles, then refused a jump – just not having any of it. Finally over and finished the course.

Tavari is our leader since he’s the only one to have finished cleanly. Back after some commercials with the final five.

Wizard / Rottie : Going much faster, but made some pretty wide turns. And he jumps into the lead.

Rain/ Afghan: Prancing through – must not want to ruin her coif. She’s not the fastest dog on the course, but she may be the prettiest! Almost had a clean run until she missed the tire jump at the end.

Ruse / Standard Poodle: Running fast – good focus on the handler. Nice clean run, but not quite fast enough to take the lead from Wizard.

Rick / German Shepherd: What a beautiful black dog with brown stockings! Fell going into the teeter totter – hope he’s ok. Wrong way on jump 9. Dog gone it! Excellent weave poles and finished strong.

Oops! Wizard isn’t so sure he wants an up close and personal meeting with Rick.

Roo! / Mutt: Running strong / made it over jump 9 correctly. Great weave poles. A little wide in the turns, but ran just fast enough to beat Wizard.

Congratulations to handler Stacy Campbell and Roo!

First place: Roo!
Second place: Wizard
Third place: Ruse
Fourth place: Tavari

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