Rescue, the Assistance Dog

Photo courtesy Kensky and Downes, by way of
Photo courtesy Kensky and Downes, by way of
Today, the Boston Marathon continued its proud tradition of attracting the best of the best to the city to compete in one of the most famous races in the world. Of course, with the calamitous ending to last year’s race, this one will be extra special.

Two of the people who won’t be running this year are Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes, newlyweds who each lost their left leg in last year’s bombing. Between them, they’ve had 30 surgeries, and there is still a possibility that Jessica will lose her so-called “good” right leg.

Enter Rescue, a Black Lab from NEADS, a non-profit that’s been operating in Boylston, MA since 1976, providing assistance dogs to those who are deaf or disabled.

The first week Rescue was with the couple, Jessica found that she was able to sleep through the night, which she hadn’t done since the bombing. In addition to the emotional stress he relieves, Rescue also helps with physical needs like pushing elevator buttons, bringing a blanket, and opening doors.

The couple credits Rescue with keeping them more active than they would otherwise be. When they’re too beat, both emotionally and physically, to go on, Rescue needs to go outside. This forces them to be out in the world every single day, which is life-saving in and of itself.

Good boy, Rescue!

Read the whole story from NPR.

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