Nitro’s Legacy

Photo:  Deaf Dogs Rock
Photo: Deaf Dogs Rock
From the Deaf Dogs Rock blog: Nitro, the deaf boxer who inspired Deaf Dogs Rock, passed away November 5th, surrounded by family and friends. Nitro leaves behind a legacy of love with families and their deaf dogs around the globe.

He is the reason why Deaf Dogs Rock was launched in August 2011 so that we could help deaf dogs just like Nitro make it out of shelters alive and into partner rescues. He is the reason why we have a deaf dog training blog, an adoptable deaf dogs section and our Deaf Dogs Rock Wall of Fame so everyone can see that deaf dogs are worth saving. He is the reason why so many have read his story and decided to move forward with adopting a deaf dog or puppy. When people read his story they realize all of us are scared when we adopt a deaf puppy but with a thankful heart, a commitment to training and socialization, living with a deaf dog or four deaf dogs in our case can be very rewarding.

We extend our deepest condolences to Nitro’s family during this difficult time.

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Good day, and good dog!

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