Nathan: Best in Show, National Dog Show, 2014

Wow! It’s been quite an autumn for Nathan. Not only did he win Best in Show at the National Dog Show in Philadelphia, he also became a daddy in October! He sired a litter to GCH. Flessner’s Pursuit of Perfection that includes 5 boys and 6 girls! All are black and tan and are pictured on the breeders’ puppy page.

This handsome 3-year old Bloodhound, more formally known as GCH. Flessner’s International S’Cess, lives with his handler, Heather Helmer, at Skipton Farms in Cordova, MD.

He was quite the showman in the ring. When the judge petted him and hit a tickle spot, Nathan bowed down, thinking it was time to play. He also really liked announcer Mary Carillo when he saw her backstage on the benches. He was licking her face like an all day sucker!

Nathan is the top hound in the US right now. You may remember him from Westminster last January, when he made it to the Best in Show ring, but couldn’t pull off the win.

I’ll be looking for him at Westminster early next year and will get some up-close and personal photos for you.

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

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