Funeral for a Hero, K-9 Jethro

Jethro Program Out

Jethro Program In

I attended Jethro’s funeral this morning and will be working throughout the afternoon to clean up the photos and videos I took so I can post them. For now, here is the program from the VERY moving service.


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3 thoughts on “Funeral for a Hero, K-9 Jethro”

  1. The Dog Lady, did you ever clean up and post your memorial photos? I don’t remember seeing more than a half dozen at the most and have looked at and seen every blog regarding Jethro

  2. I watch this video of this hero and I can’t stop crying. I never met this handsome guy,but I know he has touched my heart in so many ways. I know Jethro has touched everyone’s hearts in the city of Canton, Ohio. I wish I was able to attend his memorial and pay my respects. Happy Birthday Jethro, I’m sorry you and your family had to spend your birthday this way. To the Davis family, please stay strong and never give up. Jethro will always be with you, and he is now crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. May God bless you through this grieving process. Please remember he is still a hero in the eye’s of all of us in Canton Ohio. Justice for Jethro!!!!!

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