Iditarod 2016: Standings as of 8 March @ 3:30 pm Eastern

husky race 4The lead mushers are all clustered around the checkpoint at Nikolai. Brent Sass has broken into the lead, and is the only one to have left the checkpoint thus far. Many people are expecting the Seaveys to go 1-2 this year; they are currently running 3rd and 4th, but it’s very early in the race.

Here’s the order for the top five as of late this morning in Alaska.

1 Brent Sass
Bib 32 OUT OF Nikolai
AT 03-08 10:57

2 Nicolas Petit
Bib 12 IN TO Nikolai
AT 03-08 08:41

3 Dallas Seavey
Bib 16 IN TO Nikolai
AT 03-08 09:05

4 Mitch Seavey
Bib 19 IN TO Nikolai
AT 03-08 09:23

5 Wade Marrs
Bib 33 IN TO Nikolai
AT 03-08 09:28

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