2016 Iditarod Standings: 09 March @ 3:40 pm Eastern

Limited North American Championship Sled Dog RacesDallas Seavey has taken over the lead, while his father Mitch has fallen out of the top five, lagging at Takotna checkpoint while the leaders have progressed through Ophir. Four mushers (Gatt, DeNure, Steves, and Koenig) have scratched. The five mushers at the top of the standings are:
1 Dallas Seavey
Bib 16 OUT OF Ophir
AT 03-09 02:21

2 Noah Burmeister
Bib 39 OUT OF Ophir
AT 03-09 05:52

3 John Baker
Bib 66 OUT OF Ophir
AT 03-09 06:02

4 Robert Sorlie
Bib 37 OUT OF Ophir
AT 03-09 08:24

5 Jeff King
Bib 61 OUT OF Ophir
AT 03-09 08:50

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