Blossom, Senior Pet Adoption Advocate

Blossom clown frills

This is Blossom, a 16-year old Chihuahua who was recently adopted by Suzy Paschall. Suzy says Blossom came from the Orange County high kill shelter and from there she became a spokes dog promoting senior pet adoption.

Blossom evening wear

Blossom Tutu

Blossom has become quite the fashion maven while in Suzy’s care. Check out all of their fun photos on Facebook.

If you’re thinking about adding a dog to your family, why not consider a senior? They are already potty-trained and are past that stage where everything you own will be chewed. Senior dogs are often calmer than younger dogs and don’t require you to be ultra-athletic to satisfy their exercise needs.

Please don’t let these dogs live out their last days in a cage! Adopt seniors.

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Good day, and good dog!

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