Shelter Sunday: Good Dog Rescue / Palmyra, NE

Rudy NE 072416Meet Rudy! This beautiful Dobie is living in Palmyra, Nebraska, with the good folks at Good Dog Rescue. Here’s what their website has to say about him:

Rudy is a red, cropped and docked, neutered male doberman. Rudy wants you to look beyond the wear and tear of his previous eight years, and see him as an especially loving, appreciative, mature dog who is house-trained, loves to lean on his person and be petted and loved. According to the veterinarian who examined Rudy, he has one “steamy” eye, and both of his eyes will need eye drops twice daily for the rest of his life. Rudy is learning to sit after a small treat and accept those eye drops. Although the vet thinks that Rudy’s sight has been a bit compromised, Rudy loves to run around the yard and avoids trees and obstacles just fine. Rudy has a poor coat right now, but that should improve with good nutrition and a low dose thyroid pill daily. Rudy is no beauty right now, but he has the great heart and disposition of a doberman, and will gladden the heart of a true doberman lover.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the great state of Nebraska, why not fill out an online adoption application for Rudy or one of his friends?

If you’re somewhere else, check out our searchable database of adoptable dogs, powered by PetFinder.

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