New AKC Breed: The Pumi

Puppy Pumi Feeling Good In A White Photo Studio

The Pumi (plural Pumik) is the most recent dog added to the AKC breed list, bringing the total number of recognized breeds to 190. The AKC describes them as energetic, lively, and ready to work.

According to the Hungarian Pumi Club of America,the Pumi is “true to its working roots.” The Pumi is intelligent, a quick learner, and energetic, with an excellent work ethic. It has a virtually limitless willingness to work, without being obsessive about it. The Pumi uses its intelligence to assess each new situation, including strangers, and may appear aloof while they’re thinking through the situation. Early socialization is very important so that they get used to lots of new situations.

Its intelligence, liveliness, and expressive nature make it a good breed for an active family. It’s terrier-like qualities give it a joie de vivre that will lift anyone’s day, and the whimsical expression will make you smile anyway.

This new breed was added in July, 2016, after the annual listing of popular breeds was published, so it is currently unranked. Sixteen of the dogs will be shown at the 2016 National Championships in Orlando on December 17 – 18th. I should have pictures up by early afternoon on Sunday.

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  1. My spouse Mark A. Miles and I have kept dogs as part of our small family for about thirty-five years in addition to participating in the rescue of countless animals. We have a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier who is well but who is also aged. We need to have our names added to a list of potential PUMI families. Is that possible?

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