Glad I Live in The Land of The Free

Photo:  Newsha Tavakolian for The New York Times
Photo: Newsha-Tavakolian-for-The-New-York-Times

Here’s a story from the NY Times that may set your head spinning, like it did mine. On Friday, the city of Tehran, Iran will hold elections for its city council. A local veterinarian is running for one of the 21 seats. So far, so good, but keep reading.

The reason he’s running is because in Iran, the ruling clerics consider dogs to be impure. Get caught walking a dog and you will be subject to arrest and the dog may be put down. The vet, Dr. Payam Mohebi, wants at least one voice on the council to be for animals who, as he says, “live with us…they have rights, too.”

Dr. Mohebi is one of 8,000 people running for the city council. Check this space next week to see if he won.

UPDATE [05/26/17]: From what I can tell, Dr. Mohebi was not elected this time.

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