Palm Dog Awards at Cannes

From the Palm Dog twitter feed (@PalmDog2017)
From the Palm Dog twitter feed (@PalmDog2017)

Who knew this was a thing? The top award at the Cannes Film Festival is the Palm D’Or, so as a take-off on that, they created an alternative award called the Palm Dog in 2001. It is awarded to the best performance by a canine (live or animated) or group of canines during the festival. The award consists of a leather dog collar with the term “PALM DOG”.

The 2017 award, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, is the Standard Poodle Bruno, from Meyerowitz Stories, where he played the emotionally neglected pet of Dustin Hoffman’s character.

Lupo, a German Shepherd, won the Grand Jury prize for his acting in Ava, a coming of age story directed by Lea Mysius.

In related news, Leslie Caron received the DogManitarian award, accepting the honor remotely (on video) with her Shih Tzu. “Dogs deserve their place on the awards circuit, and I am truly proud to share this award with Tchi Tchi,” the actress said.

Prior to the ceremony, there was apparently a bomb scare at the venue, so the security dogs who cleared the building were suitably honored. According to the Hollywood Reporter story: Before the ceremony, security dogs were given a special recognition by the panel with Evan, a security dog from the Palais, and Glock, an explosives sniffing dog, taking to the stage. Overcome with emotion, Glock gave a long speech, barking at the crowd.

I’m glad to see the high-falutin’ folks at this preeminent film festival recognize what is truly important in a movie!

Personally, I’m looking forward to the upcoming Megan Leavey movie, about a military dog team. I’ll bring you the trailer tomorrow.

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