Fire Safety

Pet Alert StickerOctober 7 – 13 is Fire Prevention Week. Do you have an escape plan for your family? Does it include your dog? Experts say you should be able to identify two routes of escape from each room in your home, and you should practice your plan monthly, particularly if you have children. If you’re counting on rope ladders to get out of your second story bedrooms, consider how you will get your dog out.

At the very least, consider putting up window clings that let firefighters know how many pets they should be looking for as they search the house.

And the American Red Cross recommends confining your animals to areas near your home’s doors when you are away so they are easy for firefighters to find. Don’t forget to have leashes nearby, as well.

Hoping you never need these tips, but better safe than sorry.

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Good day, and good dog!

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