Ohio Puppy Mill Reforms

Picture from HSUS A Humane Nation blog
Picture from HSUS A Humane Nation blog
I’m proud that my home state of Ohio has put into effect a new law upgrading standards of care for dogs kept in puppy mills. Our history in this area has not been great, with many commercial breeders keeping their dogs in filthy, horrible conditions. Ohio was ranked second in the nation as having the worst puppy mill problem.

The new law requires that each dog be given daily exercise including play time to stimulate the dog mentally and socially. Annual veterinary examinations are now required, as are temperature-regulated kennels. Only healthy dogs may now be bred, and females may be bred only a limited number of times.

Other reforms, such as a ban on wire flooring and an increase in the size of the kennels, are due to be phased in after 2021.

Is it a perfect system? Probably not, and it remains to be seen how it will be enforced, but it is an advance, and I’ll take it.

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