Shelter Sunday: Baby Blue / Out of the Woods Rescue / Little Rock, Arkansas

Baby Blue AR

Meet Baby Blue! Here’s what her rescuers have to say about this Husky / Shepherd mix:

Baby Blue was born after a pregnant dog was dumped in a rural part of Arkansas. We think she is a Shepherd/Husky mix. She was born around September 1st. Baby Blue has one blue eye, which makes her very unique! She has a very sweet personality. She will probably grow to be a medium to large dog.

Baby Blue has started her series of puppy shots & will be spayed and microchipped when she is a little older.

Baby Blue is currently a guest of Out of the Woods Rescue in Little Rock, Arkansas. If you’re lucky enough to be near Little Rock, why not contact the shelter to ask about Baby Blue and all of her friends. Here’s a link to their adoption application or you can call them at 501-503-0606 or 888-633-4442.

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