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Tragic News about Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Puppy, Brutus

Brutus The RockYou may recall that not too long ago, Dwayne The Rock Johnson had to rescue his French Bulldog puppy, Brutus, from the family’s swimming pool after the puppy revealed he was not a good swimmer. The puppy apparently liked to get into more trouble than he could get out of. Brutus ate a poisonous mushroom and had to be put down. Below is from Mr. Johnson’s Facebook page:
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Have you seen this dog?

  How many of you received this picture by e-mail, with an accompanying story about how Brutus won the Congressional Medal of Honor from his heroic activities in Iraq?  I have received it several times, and almost posted it, but decided to check it out on Snopes.com first.

According to Snopes, the dog pictured above is Spike, a retired police dog from Scottsdale, Arizona.  Spike is a Belgian Malinois, not a Boxer/Bull Mastiff mix, as the e-mail asserts.

If you want to check it out yourself, click here.

And don’t believe everything you read on the Internet!

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