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Innovative Solution for Vicious Dogs

FOX 10 News | myfoxphoenix.com
I really like this idea. When Mickey the Pit Bull attacked a child, many people called for him to be put down as a vicious dog. Many others argued that the dog’s life should be spared, saying that most dogs can be rehabilitated and live a good life. Neither side got exactly what they wanted, but a reasonable compromise was reached.

Phoenix Fox affiliate KSAZ reports that the dog has been sentenced to live the rest of his life under the care of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, at a prison set up especially to house dogs who have been declared vicious.

The facility, a former human jail, is in downtown Phoenix and is staffed by inmates. The inmates learn how to care for animals, and the 29 dogs currently housed there receive good food and some contact with people as they are rehabilitated.

Sheriff Joe is the same law enforcement officer you may have heard of because of his “tent cities” that house inmates and his program of making prisoners wear pink underwear. His reign as sheriff has been anything but uncontroversial as many claim he has abused his power and that his department engages in racial profiling.

Love him or hate him, I have to say I support this program of keeping dogs alive and rehabilitating them rather than automatically euthanizing any dog who hasn’t been raised properly and acts out against people.

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