Brooklyn dog mauls four-year old

The Associated Press and WABC in New York are reporting on a 4-year old boy from Brooklyn who was fatally mauled last Sunday by a Cane Corso Mastiff which had been trained to attack by the boy’s mother’s boyfriend.

Jayelin Graham died after suffering wounds to his head, neck, and torso that have been described as “horrifying.”

Neighbors say the dog was a known menace that everyone on the block was scared of. “This was a tragedy waiting to happen,” one said.

There was also a German Shepherd in the home, and one of the dogs had previously eaten a rabbit, a parrot and a snake.

The Cane Corso Mastiff was sedated and taken to a shelter after the attack, and is now in quarantine. Siblings of the boy were removed from the home by child protective services amid allegations that the home was filthy with dog feces and urine.

How tragic! As I’ve said over and over again, I’m not blaming the dog here. From the early reports, it sounds as if the mauling was the result of the way the dog was trained. People just don’t seem to understand that dogs can be trained to do anything – regardless of how distasteful – and we shouldn’t be surprised when they do exactly what they have been rewarded for in the past. My heart goes out to the family.

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  1. Sorry about my above misplaced comment, which was meant as a reply to someone else’s on another theme.

  2. Dogs love to eat that what humans love to eat – chocolates, nuts, cake, ice cream, fatty meat, etc., but that doesn’t mean those are good for them on a regular basis – and that goes for homo sapiens, too.

  3. Some people shouldn’t be dog owners and should not be parents either. Too bad the dog didn’t attack its owner.

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