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Make Your Dog a TV Star!

Is your dog a flying disc champion, a reliable running companion or a therapy soother? Whatever type of dog you may have, Purina knows that all dogs can achieve greatness in their own unique way.

Now until August 27, passionate pet owners have the chance to put their dog’s greatness on display in the “How Is Your Dog Great” video contest. The grand prize winner will have their winning video featured in an upcoming Pro Plan commercial, to be unveiled at the 2013 Westminster Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show. They will also receive a year’s supply of Pro Plan brand dog food.

For additional information and full contest entry details and rules, please visit the Purina Pro Plan YouTube channel.

Good luck!

Until next time,
Good day, and good dog!

Tuesday Top Ten: Dog-Related Super Bowl Commercials

Most of these are from this year, but there are a few from archives of previous years.  You’ll note there are a lot for Doritos – not necessarily because I like Doritos but because they held a contest for their fans to create ads, and there were many to choose from.  I’m sure not all of them made it to air, but the top 20 are on the Doritos website for your enjoyment.
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Tuesday Top Ten: Dog Commercials

chihuahuaHave you seen the Traveler’s Insurance commercial where the dog tries to put his bone in a safety deposit box at the bank, then can’t sleep because he’s worried about it?  How about the one for Denta-Stix that shows the dogs with doggie dentures?  These are two of my favorites, which prompted me to do some research on commercials with doggie stars.

According to LePaws, a Hollywood talent agency that represents animal actors, one of every three television commercials features a dog.

I tried to find commercials that weren’t specifically for dog-related products, although the Denta-Stix one was too cute not to include in my top ten.

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