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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Having trouble keeping your landscaping nice because Fido doesn’t understand you just paid someone $1000 to spruce up the yard?  Even if you’re just growing a few vegetables, you’d probably rather the dog didn’t eat them all before you got a chance to harvest them.

Two of my dogs have figured out a way to get over the chicken wire into the garden, but only one has figured out a way to get back out.  More often than not, I have to rescue Penny (the beagle) or she just sits there and howls.  So, I appreciated this article in the Detroit Free Press a few days ago. 

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Life with Jake

Last year, my friend Wendy planted a small guarden in her back yard – just a few tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, and green beans.  She was amazed at how many cucumbers and squash were growing, but after each vegetable got to just about the point where she was ready to pick them, they would disappear!

She thought there must be a thief in the neighborhood, so she began keeping an eye on the garden.  Soon she found out who it was.  You guessed it – her lab puppy Jake! 

Glad to see even dogs worry about good nutrition!

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Good day, and good dog!