Is Your Dog Afraid of Storms?

Storm season is upon us.  We’ve had some humdingers here in Ohio lately.  So, what do you do with a dog who is afraid of thunderstorms?  With their sensitive hearing and awareness of changes in the atmospheric pressure, dogs may have good reason to be afraid.

Dogs are reported to be at least 10 times more senstive than humans to the static electricity caused by pressure changes.  Some of them will feel more comfortable in a bathtub or by a pipe because the metal plumbing grounds them electrically.

Your dog will feel calmer if you act calmer.  Play soft music to calm both of you.  Allow the dog to go into his crate or another small place where he can feel safe and protected.  Don’t punish your pet for his fear.  Instead, try to distract him with play time.  Close the blinds so he can’t see the lightning.

If none of these help, check with your vet.  He can prescribe anti-anxiety medication or herbal remedies to help calm your frightened dog.

Dogs who are afraid of storms are also often afraid of fireworks.  When a show is imminent, bring your dog inside and try some of the same techniques noted above.

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Good day, and good dog!

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