Who knew dogs needed their own social networking space?

Have you visited doggyspace.com yet?  Although we really don’t want you to leave our fabulous site, you should at least check this out.  Similar to Facebook or Myspace, doggyspace allows it clients to “write” profiles and socialize with others who have similar interests.

The twist here is that the entries are written as if the dog is actually writing them.  Instead of liking pina coladas, a typical entry might state “Single black spayed female.  Likes toilet water and walks in the woods.  Seeking friendship and playmate – male or female – in the Peoria area.” 

The site launched just last month and alreay has more than 700 active users.  Some post pictures and profiles while others upload videos of their dogs doing tricks or just playing.  Founder of the site Levi Thornton hopes to have as many as 2 million accounts by year’s end.

Zavvy, a border collie featured on the site, states that she is named after a madam and has two boyfriends.  She closes her “about me” section by saying:  “If you want to be my friend, leave me a note and catch you at the nearest pool party.’  Chloe, described as a “crazy” mixed breed, boasts 19 friends on the site.  Pepper says all he wants is a big, comfy couch.

Standard accounts are free, but you will soon be able to upgrade to a premium account for a small fee.  A portion of the fees will be donated to the user’s choice of animal charities.

Let me know when you post a profile so I can go check it out.

Until next time,

Good day, and good dog!


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One thought on “Who knew dogs needed their own social networking space?”

  1. I guess it was only a matter of time before the “myspace craze” spilled over to our furry friends. It seems fitting that we would create like ways of contact for our dogs because we love them and befriend them just as humans. I created my dog a profile on doggyspaces.com and he has tons of friends there. Because of the amounts of interest I signed him up for a new social networking site, similar to match.com. It’s called friskypups.com and owners are allowed to search to find play dates, dog park meetings, breeding matches, and/or even dog walk partners for their dogs. Owners are able to search for mates across breeds, location, dog size and age. The internet seems like a perfect place to meet other like minded individuals. You can visit my dog Diesel’s profile at http://friskypups.com/jaeniq

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