“Just a dog” says police officer

One of our readers sent me this clipping from the San Marcos Register

Seems a young couple was rushing their dog to the emergency vet when they were stopped for a traffic ticket.  When they pointed out that their dog was having trouble breathing, the officer mocked them, saying, “It’s just a dog.  You can get another one.” And proceeded to take nearly 20 minutes to write the ticket.

The community of San Marcos is justifiably angry, and the local paper has published five articles n the weeks after the event.  This couple’s story has been featured on Good Morning, America, where it drew over 100 comments on the show’s website.


The officer is under investigation for his insensitivity, but it doesn’t sound like he will get more than a slap on the wrist, if that.  The chief says it was just a “rookie mistake.”


The couple is devastated.  The young woman had already lost both of her parents, and the teacup poodle was the only family she had.  They tried to negotiate some middle ground with the officer, offering to leave one person behind to deal with the ticket while the other took the dog in, or to come to the police station to get the ticket after delivering the dog to the vet, but the officer was totally unmoved.


The couple contends his lack of urgency cost the dog its life.  The dog had just eaten, and was apparently choking on his food, prompting the trip to the ER. 


The city has received thousands of e-mails and phone calls regarding the case, and did dismiss the speeding ticket.  To me, it sounds like they were just throwing the couple a bone, so to speak.  Very sad!


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Good day, and good dog!


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4 thoughts on ““Just a dog” says police officer”

  1. It sounds to me as the couple may have a civil suit coming thier way on wrongfull death of a family member. Ask the cop to ask his cop buddy who has a canine cop riding in his car if thats ” JUST A DOG “

  2. This story broke my heart for the dog & her “parents” and at the same time it made me want to choke that cop so he could see what it feels like. Lucky for him that my humanity is stronger than his!!

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