How are dogs euthanized in your state?




Not a topic we like to think about, but we all know that dogs are put down when shelters become over-crowded.  Do you have any idea how your state carries out the euthanasia?  In North Carolina, apparently, they use a gas chamber, which brings to my mind Nazi Germany’s death camps.  Not terribly humane, and apparently, not always effective, as this beautiful little puppy was pulled alive from the shelter’s garbage can.

The Animal Law Coalition has been working with the North Carolina Coalition for Humane Euthanasia and the American Humane Association to eliminate this practice from the 1/3 of North Carolina’s shelters who still use gas chambers.

A bill introduced by Rep. Cary Allred would mandate that all euthanisia be done by lethal injection or oral ingestion of the same lethal substance, and that all gas chambers in the state be removed from shelters.

If you live in North Carolina, PLEASE contact your state legislators and the governor, asking that they support H.B. 6, known as Davie’s Law, after the puppy pictured above.

List of state reps is here.  List of state senators is here.  Contact the governor here.

If you live elsewhere, find out how pets are euthanized in your state, and if it is not by lethal injection, work to change the current practice to something more humane.

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